1 2 1 consultations

I will come to your home and spend 3 – 4 hours really getting to know and understanding your situation and your dog.
I will help you to understand exactly what is making YOUR dog/s tick. I will give you practical solutions to change your dog’s behaviour, I will never ever ask you to do something you don’t want to do with your dog.

I will leave you with a personalised action plan you will have written yourself (you understand your own notes best) I will also give you a clear concise handout of all the information you will require and further reading/resources if you would like more information.

Perhaps best of all I am so confident in the power of Dog Listening you will now have back-up solutions to make changes to your dogs behaviour from me for the rest of your dog’s life by phone and e-mail and that is completely free. (Insert photo and quote from Morna smith