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Welcome to my new website and thank you for joining me.

Many of you will know me as “Follow My Lead” this name has served me very well for the last 12 years as I morphed from a dog walking company to include dog boarding and finally to include dog behaviour. Now is the time for me to take the dog behaviour aspect of my business to the next stage. I have realised over the last 10 years that very little of my time is spent training dogs! Dogs are the easy bit, they are wonderful, intelligent animals, they must be one of the most forgiving creatures on this planet, many are not treated very well by humans and end up in our rescue centres and still we can bring them into our homes and with a little time and patience many dogs will learn to trust us again. We humans, however, well I think that is a whole other blog!!

I have realised that in order to help our dogs, my priority must be to help their owners. (Much as I would love to turn my house into a rescue centre…..I am not convinced Mr C would be so happy about that!!!)

So here I am ready and willing to “help you help your dog”. Over the next month or so my Facebook page will be changing its name too and I will continue to post  hints and tips and stories concerning all things doggy and the odd wolf reference too.


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