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Becoming your dog’s best friend.(1)

Happy New Year


I was thinking over the holidays about dogs being our best friends.  I think it’s fair to say that we would all consider our dog our best friend, but I wonder if they would think the same could they speak!

I know from personal experience that I am not always the best friend I would like to be to my own dog Fudge. I like to think of it as work in progress and over the next wee while I thought we can look at  different ways we can change our own behaviour to improve our chances of our dogs considering us their best friend.

Lets start by looking at, why? most of us consider our dog our best friend.

There are the more obvious physical traits, they are all gorgeous, cute and often cuddly. However, I believe the power of dogs lies in something less obvious and is more about what they don’t do.

They never judge us…..

They accept us exactly the way we are right now,

They don’t want us to eat less cake
They don’t want us to drink less booze
They don’t want us to be a better parent
They don’t want us to be a better partner
They don’t want us have a beautiful clean and tidy home
They don’t actually want anything from us they want us to be exactly how we are are, right now.

Now that is a wonderful best friend

Can you think of any other reasons why your dog is your best friend?

Love and Peace

Julie x




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