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Becoming your dog’s best friend.(2)

Last week we looked at why our dog’s are our best friend, but how can we go about becoming their best friend.

I think its safe to assume that they also would like to be accepted just as they are. Seems obvious right?! I know I love my dog exactly as she is, but do I really? Be really honest when you ask yourself this question….

If I said to you, I have a magic wand, is there any behaviours that your dog has that you would like to improve?

Would you be able to think of any?!

I will give you what I came up with for Fudge, who by the way, I absolutely adore and if you asked me in passing how’s Fudge doing? I would say fantastic she is a wonderful family pet and we all love her to bits.

However, if I am really really honest I wish the following:

  1. she would be able to leave the house and walk beautifully on a lead every time.
  2. She would love to walk on the beach, remember her recall and not chase birds in a very stressed out manic way.
  3. I wish she would be less of a barker when the doorbell goes, I want her to bark and warn me of intruders, but just not too much!

Can you think of 3 things you would like to improve?!

Next week, we will start to have a look at some specific behaviours that many of my clients from the past 12 years have wanted to change and how we can do it, in a way that is kind and consistent with our aim of becoming our dog’s best friend.

If you have anything specific you would like me to look at, please feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will take a look at it for you over the next few weeks.

Love and peace






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