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Light your fire

As I sit here, having quite literally started my fire this morning. ( I am now sitting here enjoying its warmth while sharing my thoughts with you.)

It occurred to me that from a tiny little match has come this beautiful roaring fire.

Some days its seems too much effort to light my fire. It’s easier to just switch the heating on, even tho I am sure it costs more, heats the entire house,  and fundamentally I just love my fire.

Sometimes, it feels like owning and loving my dog is a bit like lighting my fire. I want it to be easy, I want her to want to go for a walk with me every time that I happen to want to go for a walk, I then want her to walk to heel beautifully, I want her to not bark and worry about things that I have shown her a million times already are not a problem. I want her to fit into our life and family perfectly. But like most things in life, she is not perfect (I love her anyway) and it rarely happens this way. Life can be hard, it can be difficult and confusing, we don’t have the time or even the energy to make changes and improvements.

However, just like my fire, if you want to start to make changes and improve your dog’s behaviour, try not to focus on the end result, the roaring fire. Just strike a match, and keep adding some small pieces of fuel, if you try to add big pieces of wood too quickly, well you know what happens the fire goes out!

If you would like to know where to start to improve your dog’s behaviour, and how to keeping adding small pieces of information to keep your fire alight and your dog’s behaviour improving  – I can help you help your dog – see Package 1 on my website for some FREE information.



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