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Dog Owner Kind

Dog Listening is about understanding “there is always another way”.  In my recent blogs I have focused on how to be Dog Kind. Now obviously this is of the utmost importance when setting out to change/improve your dog’s behaviour. Today, however, lets look at being kind to ourselves.

As I say there is always another way…….

Often we find ourselves feeling guilty, we should have walked the dog for longer, we should have got back sooner, we wish we could afford that better food, bigger treat, better bed and the list goes on.

Or maybe you are worrier, has your dog eaten enough? have they had enough exercise? is your dog too hot/too cold? barking too much? pulling on the lead and hurting themselves?  scavenging for things and making themselves sick. The list is endless!

If anyone is feeling brave? – feel free to comment on the things you have been feeling guilty or worried about today.

Today, my poor wee dog was woken up really early and I forgot to feed her as my youngest daughter is sick, guilt and worry right there!

Now lets focus on “Dog Owner Kind” how can we stop the incessant guilt and worry. I can promise after working for the last 12 years with 100’s of dogs and their owners there are really only 4 things your dog actually needs most of the time.

  1. Food, Water and Shelter ( I should probably clarify for these 3  requirements, to offer them is enough, if they choose not to take them that is ok)

2. To feel safe

anything else is a bonus!

So be “Dog Owner Kind” today.  Check you have the above 2 checked off your list – relax and enjoy, any which way works for you and your dog.

If you would like some help to deal with any of your dog’s behaviour through improving your own behaviour, with “Dog Owner Kind” in mind as well as “Dog Kind” please click on my website http://www.juliehelpsyouhelpyourdog/





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