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Small change, big results

Sometimes when I am  helping dog owners improve their dog’s behaviour, I have noticed it’s the very smallest of changes that has the biggest results. Today I am going to share  with you one of my favourites.

Do you have a dog that pulls on the lead?  or maybe the alternative doggy tactic to get us daft humans to do what they want! they might just sit down and not move….?

With either of these behaviours. whatever training method you are using, hopefully its positive, there is one small change you can make which I promise you with a little patience will make a huge difference.

Don’t pull back or drag your dog just STOP. If necessary depending on the size of your dog, ground your heels into the ground extend your arm and ensure all the pull is coming from them. Once they have relaxed a fraction turn and go the other way. If on the other hand your dog just won’t move just STOP and wait, again once they have relaxed a fraction encourage them towards you with a treat or promise of a wee cuddle and keep going.

If either of these situations are something you experience regularly and you are interested in WHY they might be doing it download Package 1 from my website it’s completely FREE.

Happy Friday

Peaceful paws always,


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