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Using our language to help improve your dog’s behaviour – Guest Blog by Sue Matcham of Canine Consulting

Our ‘language’ or rather the words we use can significantly change how we think about our dogs to.
For example: My dog has problems – or rather – my dog needs help.
It’s driving me crazy compared with I don’t know how to fix this.
and the very often used – it’s not working – or – I’m doing something wrong.
Where we place empahsis usually takes the blame – if we always blame the dog then the responsibilty to fix something neatly unburdens us and releases the pressure we feel.
Looking to ourselves, how we think, how we act and how we feel can put us more in touch with our dogs than you could imagine.

What if we placed you in a dogs natural habitat – the great outdoors. Do we feel vunerable or safe. Do we know which direction fo follow and do we seek others to reassure our safety. (I’m not talking a city park here.)
Where do we find food, how do we find food, how do we survive, what do we need to fear and who can we aling ourselves with for protection?

Put a dog in an unatural world (because you can take the dog out of the wild but you can’t take the wild out of the dog) like our homes, routines etc. then it can feel confused, scared, vunerable – just like we do in their world.

Thinking symbiotically – on a similar level, helps us understand and connect to their world.
Being kind helps us reassure an animal that all is OK but it takes more.
Using a language they use and understand rather than a human language (SIT STAY OR HEEL) offers us a greater connection and an easier platform, reaching out across a species whilst having similar traits to our own uses different strokes to connect.

Difficult? Not really, it just takes the ability to understand so we can educate ourselves that maybe – just maybe we can do things differently to achieve the results we’re looking for.

Amichien Bonding by Jan Fennell helps us reach out and make this collaboration like never before and helps dogs live in the world we have created without the added anxieties that comes from not having a choice.
I wonder – if they did, would they choose to live in our world or rub alongside it and enjoy the benefits we have to offer? (Which is how dogs became ‘domesticated’ in the beginning after all.)

http://www.canineconsulting – it’s all in there if you’d like to learn more or contact me, I’m happy to help anyone who wishes, like me to understand these amazing animals we share our lives with.