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Choosing a dog – puppy or rescue?

I am often asked if I think friends/colleagues/clients should choose a rescue dog or puppy dog as their new pet. It is almost impossible for me to answer the question as it’s very personal and what one person is looking for from a dog is very different to the next person. However, I have been inspired to write a few thoughts on the subject after a recent conversation with a friend and client who has experience within the same human family of both scenarios.

It is assumed that by choosing a puppy you will “know what you are getting” and by choosing a dog from a rescue environment you will be “taking a risk and not know what you are getting”

From my experience working with 100’s of different dogs from all different backgrounds, breeds and personalities I believe the opposite is actually true.

If you are choosing a dog from a good rescue organisation they will be honest with you about the dog’s personality and behaviours. Even if they know nothing about it’s history they will know a little about the dog’s personality and behaviours during the time the dog has been with them. So you will “have at least some information about what you are getting”.

Choosing a puppy from a good breeder will most certainly give you some information about the puppy’s parents, and they will be able to give you some information about the dog’s personality and behaviour during the first 8-12 weeks of their life, which is great and  is obviously essential in this scenario. However, I use the analogy regarding human parents and children to question how much more useful this information is, in comparison to the information you might receive from a rescue organisation.

How many kids do you know that are very different in personality and temperament compared to their parents? How many babies do you know that change dramatically from being a baby, to a toddler, to a young child and so on, you get my drift?!

I think the quality of the information that you are likely to receive from a rescue organisation will be far more useful in making the decision as to whether a dog will have the personality and behaviours that will work best within your own family situation.

So in answer to the question, should I get a puppy or rescue dog? I think the answer is different for every single family and situation and there is no right or wrong. However, it might be worth bearing in mind that it’s actually with choosing a rescue dog you will often receive more relevant information.

Peaceful paws always,

Julie x

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