Fireworks and dogs

Doggy Chillin CIC

In the early days with our dogs I used to hate this time of the year coming up to Guy Fawkes night. I resented those neighbours (and the Council!) for setting off fireworks that would spook our dogs. Where we are in Paisley, the back of our house looks towards Paisley Abbey. Every 5th November, or the Saturday nearest to it, for half an hour, the noise from the fireworks would sound like a 3rd world war. Our dogs would run and hide and cower for the whole time. We’d put on Classic FM (our dogs like classical music!) and hope that the noise would be over quickly.

In the weeks leading up to bonfire night I’d be out with the dogs hoping that they wouldn’t be spooked by a random firework going off. On one occasion, I was out with our black lab, Jack, off lead, when a firework…

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