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Do you feel your dog needs fixed?

Many of my clients come to me wanting to change or improve their dog’s behaviour and often they believe in some way that their dog needs fixed. It feels like lots of other dogs can walk nicely on their lead, recall well in the park, get on with and play well with other dogs, allow their owners a lie in, insert here whatever your dog does that drives you nuts.

My dog loves to bark at the door and leap on people!!!

It feels like other dogs are fine and ours needs fixed.

I work with people to help them understand and practice the 4 principles of dog communication that will, when practiced calmly and consistently, result in the most amazing improvements to their dogs behaviour in a very short space of time.

However, when we believe our dogs need fixed, this implies that there is something actually wrong with them. I can assure you there is nothing actually wrong with your dog (assuming you have been to the vet and they have reassured you of this!) Your dog is absolutely 100% perfect.

Any behaviours that you feel need to be changed can be attributed to one single issue:

Communication or maybe more accurately MIS-communication.

If you would like help in understanding and improving communications with your dog go to and download package 1 – its FREE.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Peaceful paws always.

Julie x



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