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Manage the situation not your dog


“Manage the situation not your dog”

This little piece of wisdom was given to me some years ago and it still holds very true today.

If you find yourself trying to “do” something with your dog to change or improve their behaviour there is a good chance you will become frustrated or at the very least feel some resistance between yourself and your dog. It’s well documented that “resistance only creates suffering”.

Next time you find yourself pulling your dog, shouting at your dog, repeating your request more than once i.e. “come” “sit” “stay” with your voice getting increasingly louder… you know what I mean here don’t you?!

Take a step back, observe what happened in the previous 5 minutes and start to think about how you could change the situation at this point. This will help to change  your behaviour and subsequently your dog’s behaviour.

A nice example of this is when you head out for your walk and your dog sets off at pace with you dragging along behind. Rather than starting to work with them at this point, take a look at what happened before you left your house.

Did your dog ask to go for a walk?

Did they start leaping around the second you got the lead out?

Did they hide away and not want to go for a walk?

These are all signs your dog is trying to make it’s own decisions. Dogs who feel they need to make decisions in a world they don’t understand will nearly always struggle and display behaviours that we would like to change.

If you would like to know a bit more about how to manage the situation and not your dog take a look at my package 1  it’s FREE on my website  This will point you toward an understanding of what makes your dog tick?  It will provide some clues as to why your dog is pulling on it’s lead or why your dog is displaying any other behaviour that you would like to change.

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Peaceful paws always.

Julie x


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