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Curious about your dog’s behaviour

Are you looking to improve your dog’s behaviour ? Sometimes something as simple as your frame of mind will help.

I often see clients who are in a state of panic regarding their dog’s behaviour. They have a lovely calm, cuddly dog at home that turns into  a crazy dog as soon as they step outside or get to the park.  Maybe their dog barks incessantly or seemingly at nothing! Not only is this type of behaviour difficult to deal with, it’s very confusing.

I have noticed that if we can recognise  our dogs are often as confused as we are.   Once we have an understanding of what is going on, all the confusion and misunderstanding will fall away and you will be left with a lovely calm relationship with your dog.

The first step is to know there is no need to panic and become worried and anxious around your dog’s behaviour, start by simply getting curious.

If you are curious about your dog’s behaviour and would like some help in understanding them, head over to my website and download my number 1 package, it’s free and will start you on a beautiful journey of discovery.

Peaceful paws always.

Julie x



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