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Mindfulness with Dogs

Dogs are naturally mindful, intuitive and sensitive. They are experts at living in the moment. Anyone who lives with a dog will be able to tell you this.

My mission for 2020 is to really listen and learn all the lessons my own dog and those of my clients can teach me.

With this in mind I am excited to be able to tell you about my first collaboration with http://www.wander-women.co.uk . On the 6th February, Anna and I will be stepping out into nature for our first adventure where dogs have been invited along as well.

We will make time for ourselves as well as our dogs. We will be enjoying hot drinks over a small fire and Anna’s delicious snacks. We will have time for reflection and silent walking and making new friends.

Our aim is to spend a few hours in and around the hills and paths of Holyrood Park, Edinburgh. We will be taking our time, enjoying the view and allowing our dogs the time and space they need to be able to spend time in their default state of calm and responsive as well as  allowing  them time to play and have fun, whatever that means for each individual dog.

We will recognise and allow space for all types of dog personalities and take the time to observe and endeavour to understand what our dogs are trying to tell us in any given moment.

I can’t wait.

Peaceful paws always

Julie x




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