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Why online puppy classes are so effective.

In these unprecedented times, it seems like everything is uncertain and changing and that makes everyone at best uncomfortable and at worst anxious and depressed.

I have some good news today. It might be seem like taking puppy classes online is a bit weird and might not be as effective as more traditional style puppy classes that take place in person in a church hall or a quiet park. However, I have been working for the last year moving my classes from the real world to the virtual world because I could see that although most of these type of “in real life” classes are offered with the best of intentions there are a number of disadvantages:

  1. They can often create an environment that means the puppy becomes overstimulated and less likely to listen to you and be responsive.
  2. The classes by their very nature will be focused on what is happening in the room.
  3. It’s difficult as a human to take in new information when you are distracted by whatever your puppy might be getting up to.
  4. Socialisaton in this style of class will be primarily with other puppies.

Taking this same class into a virtual world has the following advantages:

1. There is less opportunity for your puppy to become over stimulated. Over             stimulated puppies struggle to learn anything.

2. During the class we are now able to focus on ALL aspects of bringing up your puppy, not just what happens during the class.

3. As all the humans are attending the class from the comfort of their own home, they are likely to be more relaxed and therefore much more receptive and able to learn new concepts and retain information that will help their puppy.

4.  While socialisation with other puppies can be fun, most puppies will have come from an environment with a number of other siblings and so already know how to socialise with other puppies, this online environment means that I can help you recognise what areas your puppy might need help with regarding socialising. Often it can be things like small children, birds, buggies, runners, shadows etc etc. When we talk about socialising our puppies what we really mean is that we want our puppies to be sociable with pretty much anything they come across and this will be different for each puppy. All of this can be addressed during an online puppy class and then put into practice in the real world at the correct pace and level of understanding that works for your  puppy.

If you are interested in taking an online puppy class Click here  to find out about my upcoming classes.

Peaceful paws always.

Julie x



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