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Why dog’s bark!

Put very simply  dog’s bark to communicate, however, sometimes it’s difficult for we humans to understand what they are trying to say.

It look’s to me like there are 3 main reasons for a dog to bark:

Warning, by this I mean they are telling us that they are worried about something and are feeling threatened and often think that we may be threatened as well.

For Example: other dog’s, other people, small children, birds in the garden, cats, leaves rustling in the dark, even their own shadow. This list is endless and the idea of removing all their perceived threats although makes sense and would probably work is very unrealistic and there is another way.

Attention, this is when your dog is looking at you and trying to tell you they want something.

For example: to stop chatting to your friend on a walk, it’s dinner time, give me some attention right now, play with me, I need a pee, open the back door it’s raining out here, I’m hurt, I’m worried. The list is endless and you could just listen recognise what they would like and do it, this makes sense and probably would work, however could be really really annoying and there is another way.

Separation, this type of barking ( can sometimes be more like a cry or a howl) occurs when your dog has been left alone.

For example: when you go to work, the shops, or even to a different room in the house. The list is endless and the obvious solution that would almost definitely work is to never leave them alone. This makes perfect sense, however for we humans this is often unrealistic and there is another way. 

If you would like to know more, come and join me in my Free FB community, I would love to get to know you and your dog.

Peaceful paws always.

Julie x

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  1. Thank you for you’re email, my puppy nala is about 12 week now, she found her voice I’d say last week, she is ok at the moment only seems to bark at her toys when she playing ,I’m guessing she will start barking when people come in or walk past or the post man ! Waiting in anticipation, x

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