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How to help your dog to recall consistently

I am going to assume your dog knows how to recall, but will just choose not to in certain situations, am I right? if so read on it could save your dog’s life.

All dogs are Relaxed and Responsive by nature. By that I mean when they feel relaxed they will respond to you. Therefore it makes sense to assume that if they are not responding they are not relaxed.

If you find yourself in a situation where your dog is not responding the best thing to do is take them away from wherever they are. In my experience this will normally be somewhere quieter and with less going on. This could be a quite place in the park or at the beach or just head home and allow them some time to calm down. You will know when they are feeling calm again as they will start responding to you.

Get to know your own dog and your own situation so you can start to tell before they are off lead if they are in a responsive place or not.

I have noticed with my own dog, she loves a treat and will come back for a treat, until the situation becomes too much and she will start to be uninterested in her treat, I can even get her back on her lead and be sitting somewhere quietly and she will be unable to take a treat until she has calmed down inside herself.

Dogs will give us lots of signals and signs that they are not feeling relaxed, getting to know your own dog and trusting your own intuition is key.

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Peaceful paws always.

Julie x

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