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Are you dreaming of a long lie this Christmas?

Ever wondered why some dogs like to sleep in and others like yours, if you are reading this! like to get up early.

First thing to remember is that your dog is Relaxed and Responsive by nature. This means that they will naturally sleep and or rest until there is a reason for them not to.

So let’s look at why they would want to leap up in the morning:

  1. For their breakfast
  2. For the opportunity to toilet
  3. For some attention

The key to a long lie, is to show your dog that all of these things are available, but only when YOU decide.

In order for your dog to remain Relaxed and Responsive they need to know that you are making the decisions.

So let’s look at these in order:

  1. Ensure they are only given their breakfast when you decide. If your dog is bouncing around demanding breakfast, the kind response is to ignore this behaviour and when they are back in their lovely relaxed and responsive state go ahead and feed them. Don’t forget to Gesture Eat first.
  2. When you give your dog an opportunity to toilet and you are not ready to get up, make sure this is done in a very quiet, calm manner, with little verbal or eye contact.
  3. If you suspect (and trust your intuition here, you will know!) your dog is just waking you up to garner some attention and you don’t want to get up yet, then make sure that they do not receive any attention. Positive or negative! The ideal response to unwanted attention seeking is to ignore. However I now some dogs can be very persistent.

If any of this resonates for you, come along and join my FREE private FB community were you can find out more about what to do if you dog is persistent.

I would love to see you there.

Peaceful paws always.

Julie x

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