Freedom from Dog Training

Have you tried EVERYTHING? to train your dog, yet:

  • still they don’t recall consistently.
  • they wake you up early.
  • they stress every time you leave the room or maybe even if you move.
  • they still pull on their lead or maybe it’s improved with the halti but that doesn’t quite sit right with you. You can see they still want to pull, but the halti forces them to slow down unless something that really scares them happens and they will still pull to the extent they will actually hurt themselves and you know deep inside you want to keep your dog safe, yet not by force.
  • they bark excessively at all sorts of things

What if there is another way? what if you don’t even have to train your dog for them to want to respond to you of their own free will?

Over the last 15 years I have realised through working with hundreds of clients who are looking for a better relationship with their dog that “Freedom from Training” is a very real possibility.

My relationship with my dog Fudge is most certainly not perfect and she is in no way a perfect example of a “fully trained dog” to be honest I am not even sure what a fully trained dog actually looks like, do you?!

This is my “fully trained!” Fudge

It’s an interesting question “what do I actually want from my dog?” if you feel inclined, take a minute to write it down.

In my experience, every single dog I have ever worked with is absolutely perfect in and of itself. Yes, my clients have wanted to change/improve some of their dog’s behaviour but it’s really helpful to know your dog is not their behaviour, underneath all that crazy frustrating behaviour is a loving, kind, non-judgemental beautiful dog.

If you took a minute to write down what you want from your dog, could it be that you already have it? Could it be you don’t need to spend hours training them, could it be your dog already has everything they need to be your perfect pet.

If you already have the perfect pet! but would like to look a little more closely at how change can happen without hours of training.

Come and join me and other like-minded dog lovers in my Face book community. I would love to get to know you and hear all about your dog.

Peaceful paws always.

Julie x

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