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Leadership Pants! What they look like and why we need them when building a beautiful relationship with our dog

I was chatting with a client recently as part of my Freedom from Training course and we came upon the topic of Pants… specifically Leadership Pants. 

If you know anything about dogs you will know they are pack animals. This means dogs are happiest and most relaxed when they have a leader that will make all the decisions for them. In this instance I am referring to domestic dogs. Domestic dogs live in our world and because of this, it’s a world they don’t understand. Seriously, most of our domestic dogs are just so confused…. 

For example: 

Dogs that bark at the TV – how does you dog  know that the dog/horse/man in high viz jacket is not actually in the room. Ever seen a dog check behind the TV?!

Dogs that react to other dogs – Dogs are naturally unsociable between packs. “Why do we have to go out every day and mix with others dogs, when we seem to have a plentiful supply of food at home?”  Humans are very strange creatures indeed. 

Dogs that bark at the doorbell – Many dogs view themselves as early warners. They instinctively want to let the others in the pack know of any potential danger, then the human members of the pack shout at them, and  get all stressed. Very confusing indeed!

All our dogs are really looking for is a bit of compassion and empathy along with a human that can make decisions in this very confusing world. 

It’s all very innocent.  

I have been very lucky in my work over the last 15 years,  I have yet to come across an owner who does not love their dog and want the absolute best for them. Yet through no fault of their own their are times of the day when their dogs are unconvinced of their leadership credentials. 

So how do we convince our dogs of our leadership credentials? 

Leadership pants, that’s how!   I am not talking about those cheeky little thongs, or even your M&S briefs, I am talking your heavy duty maxi Bridget Jones style pants……. 

I promise you, if you practice all 4 of the Care Connections I talk about in all my work with your big ol’ leadership pants on. You will see changes in your dogs behaviour. In everything we do we are aiming for a relaxed and responsive dog as much of the time as possible. 

Who knew Pants would be the answer, thank you very much to my wonderful client who has been the inspiration for this blog –  you know who you are ! 

Peaceful paws always. 

Julie xx 

`P.S if any of this resonates with you and you would like to know more come and join me and other like-minded dog owners in my free FB group here.  

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