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It’s true your dog is already perfect.

If this is not your experience right now, read on……….

This is a really simple message that will help you to understand your dog if they are displaying behaviours that you don’t like.

Over the last 15 years while working with all kinds of dogs, different breeds, ages and size. If you were to ask me, “give me one simple piece of advice that works for helping me to understand my dog? ” It’s this:

When your dog is relaxed they will be responsive.

Even better news is that every single dog owner I have ever met knows intuitively what helps their own dog to be relaxed. This is unique for every owner and every dog, but in any given moment we all know exactly what to do.

Turning this simple message on it’s head is also helpful:

When your dog is not responsive they are not relaxed.

The simple solution to dogs that are not responsive is this; take them to where you know they feel relaxed and immediately they will start responding.

My own story to illustrate the truth of these simple facts is this:

I take my dog to the park and she is responding to her name, Fudge (the kids named her, but I kinda like it now!) coming back, sniffing, playing with other dogs and at some point she starts to not respond. Rather than shouting louder (which is very tempting). I go quiet and wait for her to come back around to check in with me, slip her back on her lead and take her home. I know my dog feels relaxed at home. On the days when I get distracted and don’t notice she has stopped responding and continue with her walk, she will become less and less relaxed and will start to become more and more anxious, chase birds, bark at bouncing balls and when I finally get her back on the lead, she will pull and become reactive to other dogs and people.

Every dog owner and dog will have their own unique relationship and story to tell, however, when our dogs are relaxed they are also responsive.

Peaceful paws always.

Julie x

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