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Mindfulness with your dog

As I sit here trapped in my house, self isolating for 10 days I am reminiscing in my head about the 3 hours I spent last week in nature. We were 5 women 4 dogs with the opportunity to just be. It really felt so special to be outside, connecting and relaxing. This is only the second time I have done this professionally and the response from the dogs was just beautiful to watch.

It really is so very simple to do and you can practice it yourself next time you are with your dog either at home, in the garden, or further afield.

On arrival we the humans had made the decision in advance (via a what’s app group!) not to make any eye contact or greet each other’s dogs.

We used this time to greet each other – human to human – using our own verbal communication. We also agreed to keep our dogs apart from each other thus allowing them space and time to get used to the other dogs in their space yet not feel they must go and connect. This method of approaching and greeting other dogs is especially helpful if you feel you have a dog that wants to approach every dog they meet, those that become reactive to other dogs and any dog that needs just a little bit of space and time to be able to relax.

Anna of Wander Woman guided us beautifully in silent walking for around half an hour through the stunning forest woodland with the sun dappling the trees.

I especially love this quiet part of our event. It allows me time to arrive, still my mind and become connected with my surroundings and the present moment.

By this stage the dogs were becoming used to each other, but still it’s important to give them all space and time to enjoy the feeling of their owners making the decisions for them so then can relax and enjoy the space without having to deal with the other dogs just yet.

We checked in with each other and created a space to share (or not) why we came today, what our chosen cards have said to us and how we are feeling.

We then walked on and came to a beautiful clearing next to a wooded area. Here we settled. It was a time for chatting, laughing and hugging our dogs. The dogs who were ready and wanted to could play while others were just happy to be in close proximity with other dogs in a relaxed, calm and quiet way. Even the dogs that were naturally nervous and worried around other dogs were able to enjoy this beautiful feeling having been given time and space to suit their individual needs.

Anna then guided us through a meditation while we enjoyed the sun on our face and time with our dogs.

Finally we humans spent some time on the big lazy swing in the park, while our dogs looked slightly bemused by our behaviour!

Our dogs really must find our world bewildering and confusing at best, downright terrifying at worst.

Thank you Anna, Emma, Fi, Mary and your beautiful dogs for coming along and hanging out with me.

If you would like to join our next adventure, click here for details.

If you are interested in finding like-minded people who are interested in listening to their dogs and changing their own behaviour to enjoy a beautiful relationship.  Come along and join my Facebook Group of Awakened Dog Owners here.

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