Getting to know me

I loved walking dogs so much I made it my business in February 2006. I left my great job as an Events Manager in a leading Edinburgh hotel to walk dogs – yes there were a few raised eyebrows!
To this day this was one of my better decisions. I loved it.

By August of that year I had signed up to attend the foundation course of the Jan Fennell Dog Listening organisation. I realised I was fascinated with our dog’s behaviour – what really makes them tick? After this initial course I was invited back to attend the advanced course the following month and passed!  For the first time in my life I really loved studying. Once you find a subject you love the rest just falls into place.

I now truly understand what makes your dog tick! This starts with Listening to your dog, otherwise known as “Dog Listening”. Find out how click here.

What motivates me now 11 years on? I have the information that will improve your dog’s behaviour and ensure that you have the best possible relationship with your dog. I want to share that information to help as many of you as possible.

“I can’t recommend Julie highly enough! Her knowledge and expertise in Dog Listening enabled our family to dramatically change our weimeraner’s behaviour from being anxious and aggressive to being relaxed, calm, happy and playful. My husband and our 3 young daughters were despairing about ‘Bear’ before we worked with Julie. We really couldn’t see how we could keep this large, unpredictable and sometimes intimidating dog. He suffered badly from separation anxiety and had chewed our house to bits in the process! Within a few days of implementing Julie’s advice Bear’s behaviour completed changed. It was incredible, it was like someone had given us a new dog! We are so greatful to Julie for helping us to listen to our dog and therefore allowing us to have the fun, family dog that we always wanted.”

Shauna, Edinburgh