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Shut up and listen!

I am working through a mini parenting programme to assist with some concerns I have around parenting. One of the foundations that I have learnt is that we often try "to do" something when our kids are struggling with their big emotions. They (they being those that have infinitely more wisdom than I on the… Continue reading Shut up and listen!

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How to help your dog to recall consistently

I am going to assume your dog knows how to recall, but will just choose not to in certain situations, am I right? if so read on it could save your dog's life. All dogs are Relaxed and Responsive by nature. By that I mean when they feel relaxed they will respond to you. Therefore… Continue reading How to help your dog to recall consistently

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Why dog’s bark!

Put very simply ┬ádog's bark to communicate, however, sometimes it's difficult for we humans to understand what they are trying to say. It look's to me like there are 3 main reasons for a dog to bark: Warning, by this I mean they are telling us that they are worried about something and are feeling… Continue reading Why dog’s bark!

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Puppy nipping and biting and what to do about it.

The kindest way to deal with this behaviour is to first recognise and acknowledge that this is very normal puppy behaviour and it is also how they learn what is allowed and what is not. With this in mind, it's helpful to remember that our puppies are relaxed and therefore responsive by nature. They will… Continue reading Puppy nipping and biting and what to do about it.

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Separation anxiety as we ease out of lockdown.

It seems to me that easing out of lockdown is as difficult if not more difficult than when we initially were locked down. Especially for our dogs. What is separation anxiety in dogs? In it's simplest form it is when your dog feels uncomfortable, anxious  when left alone or sometimes even when not left alone… Continue reading Separation anxiety as we ease out of lockdown.