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Mindfulness with your dog

As I sit here trapped in my house, self isolating for 10 days I am reminiscing in my head about the 3 hours I spent last week in nature. We were 5 women 4 dogs with the opportunity to just be. It really felt so special to be outside, connecting and relaxing. This is only… Continue reading Mindfulness with your dog

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The magic is in the understanding.

In this example we will use lack of recall. Your dog knows it name and will respond very well when he/she decides they want to. All our dog’s behaviours can be changed by helping them to become more responsive to us. In order for our dogs to become more responsive to us, we just need… Continue reading The magic is in the understanding.

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Mindfulness with Dogs

Dogs are naturally mindful, intuitive and sensitive. They are experts at living in the moment. Anyone who lives with a dog will be able to tell you this. My mission for 2020 is to really listen and learn all the lessons my own dog and those of my clients can teach me. With this in… Continue reading Mindfulness with Dogs