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The joy of lockdown for our puppies

Lockdown is the best thing that could have happened for puppies that have just arrived in their human household. Lockdown has created the perfect environment for out puppies to get to grips with our crazy human ways without becoming overwhelmed and overstimulated. Overwhelmed and overstimulated  is  often what happens in our bid to do the… Continue reading The joy of lockdown for our puppies

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The chaos theory

I often feel happy when I feel in control of my life, this includes in control of my dog. I want to know that she is calm, relaxed and responsive to me. What is even more fascinating to me is that the more the situation feels out of my control the more I "need" to… Continue reading The chaos theory

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Mindfulness with Dogs

Dogs are naturally mindful, intuitive and sensitive. They are experts at living in the moment. Anyone who lives with a dog will be able to tell you this. My mission for 2020 is to really listen and learn all the lessons my own dog and those of my clients can teach me. With this in… Continue reading Mindfulness with Dogs

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Trust your dog

I find that sometimes I am  so busy trying to control and understand my dog's and my clients dog's behaviour, I forget trust is a 2 way thing. Most of us understand that in order for our dogs to respond us to us, they need to trust us, but what about our trust in them.… Continue reading Trust your dog

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Why I don’t return my client’s calls!

Ok what I really mean is " I don't return my client's call immediately." I work with many of my clients over 4 sessions and during that time I help them understand "what makes their dog tick" and apply this understanding to their own dog/s with the help of 4 simple principles. We build up… Continue reading Why I don’t return my client’s calls!