What If I Told You: You CAN have a relaxed and responsive DOG?

And I've created a free download to support you!

If you’d told me 14 years ago that I’d have left my life in events management and have helped hundreds of owners connect with their dogs, without spending hours training them, I would have laughed. 

But it’s true. I did. 

Talking to people like you in my community, I’ve found that you don’t realise it’s possible for you too.

“There’s no point trying to sort my dog out. He’s just difficult.”

“I’ve tried EVERYTHING. She still barks constantly.”

“People like me aren’t meant to have chilled dogs.”

“It’s all so stressful!”

Stop! You do deserve this! You CAN do this.

How do I know?! Because I hear this every single day, and I help them to understand their dogs! 

SOOOOOO… if they can do it, there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same!! 

All it takes is believing in you and your dog and your connection. 

AND the right support to get you there. You need someone who gets it, to help you fit the pieces of the puzzle together. 

This is where I come in. I know what it’s like. 

And I have dozens of families behind me as proof that it’s possible to connect with your dog without training them! Even when you’ve tried everything else! 

This is why I’ve created this simple solutions workbook – for owners who know they want to do things differently.

Who am I and how do I help?

My name is Julie Cluley, A little Peace of Mind Practitioner, Dog Behaviour Coach, blogger, lover of wild swimming, wine and my dog Fudge.

I have owned and worked with dogs for over 14 years, so I have an excellent understanding of the issues you are going through with your dog and most importantly, I can help you solve them. I love talking all things dog-related and the techniques I use are proven to work. 

I can help you remove concerns about how your dog behaves (whether at home or in public), provide the support you need in order to ensure your dog is relaxed, responsive and feels happy most of the time and I will help you improve your relationship with your dog for the long term.

I feel extremely lucky that I get to help and support dog owners having issues with their dogs AND literally anyone who feels they are struggling with anxiety, stress, overwhelm and busyness in this crazy world and would like to put the joy back into their life.

Yes, I need this download!

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