Online dog education classes

5 week programme

Thursday  14th May 2020 at 6pm and 4 consecutive weeks thereafter.

If you would like to be first to know when the next start date is published click here and let me know your dog’s name, age and any other information you would like to share.

Helping your dog to become more relaxed and responsive is the key to almost 100% of our dog’s (non- medical) behavioural problems.  In these group conversations I start by recognising that your dog has everything it needs to be a relaxed and responsive dog.

There is always a lot less to  change that you might think.

I will take your through 4 guiding  principles  that will help you to understand why your dog is behaving in the way that it is.

Each session will be relaxed and informal and there will be a topic introduced each week by me followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion and I will leave you each week with some practical elements to introduce into your dog’s life to help them become more relaxed and responsive.

Please be assured everything I ask you to do will be kind and be aware that there are always different ways to get to the same result so if one way is not not working for you, bring that back to the following session and I can offer you some alternatives.

I have been working with owners and their dogs for the last 14 years and  I am very creative when it comes to persistent dogs!

By the end of the programme you will have all the information you require to ensure you dog is relaxed and responsive. Relaxed and responsive is the key to a joyful, fun relationship with your dog.

Evie and I have come away from your training classes feeling much happier and settled”

Diane, Edinburgh

I wanted to tell you about how much better I  felt after the our zoom conversation, because it surprised me! I immediately felt MUCH calmer inside. I felt much better about myself and how I’m ‘handling’ George’s ‘reintegration into the world’. I knew I needed to be calm and consistent, and I was……..but I was reminded not to try to do too much!”

Moira, Fife

Thanks so much for the class this evening… I love how all the dogs and owners are becoming more relaxed! Its so 3P!!

It’s like the things that were a problem, start to just not be a problem any more!! You are working some kind of doggie 3P magic here 😍

Emma, England

Your investment is £50.00 this will cover all 5 sessions.

Included in this investment is access to a private client Facebook group for the duration of the course where I will check in Monday to Thursday  and you can ask questions and discuss with your fellow dog lovers any questions or concerns you might have around your dog’s behaviour.  (If you don’t like to to use FB you can e-mail me Monday to Thursday).

All our calls will take place on zoom and will be recorded so don’t worry if you can’t make them all. I will send the recordings to everyone.  This will ensure you will also have them for reference, so no need to be taking copious notes during the class.

Just bring along your favourite furry friend, your favourite cuppa and an open relaxed mind.

To make a booking please click here  and let me know your name, your dog’s name,  age and any relevant information.  I will be in touch to get you all booked in.

I can’t wait to help you help your dog find their innate relaxed and responsive self.