What is Dog Listening?
Its a method/way of behaving around your dog that can be applied to all areas of your dog’s life so that they are listening and responding to you of their own free will. There is no force or negativity required.

What is Dog Listening not?
It is a not a quick fix or a magical cure to solve all your dog’s behavioural problems over night. (if it was I would be a millionaire by now!)

Will I need to purchase any special equipment to be able to start practicing Dog Listening?
No, all that is required is a slip lead. A crate would be very useful and highly recommended if you are bringing a puppy home, but not essential.

How quickly will I start to see results once I start practicing Dog Listening?
In many cases you will see your dog relaxing almost immediately you start to implement the 4 Dog Listening principles.

How long will I need to practice Dog Listening for?
The 4 Dog Listening principles will need to be practised for the rest of your dog’s life. If you stop practicing Dog Listening your dog’s behaviour will revert back to how it is today.

Is is easy to practice Dog Listening?
Yes, it’s very easy and if you are patient and consistent with the principles they will become a way of life so you don’t even notice you are doing it

Why are some of your services by application only?
This is to ensure that you do not sign up to or spend any money on a service that is not appropriate for you or your dog. It is very important to me that you receive good value for money and have the best chance of seeing improvements to your dog’s behaviour

I want to teach my dog to run with me/dog agility/become a PAT dog/come to work with me, will this help?
Yes, Dog Listening is the foundation required so your dog is listening and responding to you of their own free will, then you can “ train “ them to do whatever you want.

I have heard that Dog Listening means I cannot walk my dog, is this true?
No, depending on your dog’s behaviour on a walk, what I may ask you to do, is to start working with your dog at home and go at their pace to increase the distance you cover on your walk. You will always be able to walk your dog for as long as you want every day.