Programme 3 – By far my most popular programme!

Your own personal 4 sessions with me.

This is designed for those of you who have the time to commit to 4 sessions of intensive learning around how to change your behaviour to improve your dog’s behaviour.

The first session will be 1 hour and will take place in your home with your dog/s present. This is where both you and your dog/s will feel most at ease and ready to learn. This first session will be where I will be able to explore the cause of your dog’s behaviour by conversation with you and by observing your dog.

During this session I will provide you with an assessment of why your dog is behaving in certain ways and I will work with you over the 4 sessions to develop a tailored plan that will be practical, effective and realistic for you to implement.

There must be at least a week between each of the 4 sessions as this will allow you to practice what you have learnt and come back to me with questions.

The following 3 sessions will be 1 hour each and will take place via Zoom video conferencing. I have discovered from experience that if your dog is  present during these sessions you will become very good and dealing with whatever behaviours your dog is displaying at that time, but will not be clear and practiced on how to improve their behaviour all of the time in any given situation.

I want to ensure that by the end of your time working with me that you are able to confidently help your dog to change any behaviour that you want to improve.

By the end of the 4 sessions you will have:

  • Created your own  personal action plan – simple and effective plan to follow every day.
  • A clear understanding as to why your dog behaves the way that it does.
  • General information document – to help you implement the 4 principles to the best of your ability.
  • Ongoing support – Free back up from me via my closed Facebook Group to ensure your programme is working for you as effectively as possible.

£250.00 (plus travelling expenses of 0.60p per mile outside of Portobello)