Puppy Love

Congratulations on bringing home your new puppy.


Are you looking for some guidance on how to bring up your puppy to be able to fit in with your family and life circumstances?

If so, you are in the right place.

I feel like I am stating the obvious here, but puppies are just young dogs and as such the reasons for their behaviour are exactly the same as if you have brought home a fully grown dog. With this in mind, the first thing I would recommend is download my Package 1 and start to understand what makes your dog tick.

I am guessing if you have a puppy at home there are a number of specific areas that you might be looking for guidance in:

  • Toilet training?
  • Helping them to get comfortable staying at home without you for short periods?
  • How to manage over exuberant play?
  • Play mouthing and biting, how much is too much?
  • How much rest/sleep does my puppy require in a day?
  • How much exercise/movement does my puppy require in a day?
  • Is crate training a good idea?
  • I would like my puppy to sleep on my bed, is this ok?
  • Socialising my puppy, what does this mean? How much is enough, how much is too much?
  • I just need some sleep, my dog wakes up a lot in the night, or wakes me up too early, how I can help my puppy fit in with our routine?

And many many more areas that you might need guidance and have questions about.

If you are at this stage in your Puppy Love, I would suggest contacting me and booking in for Package 2, or Package 3, either with me in person or over the phone. You will be amazed what we can cover in only 1 hour and this will get you started on the right track and I will provide you with some great resources to help keep you on the right track.