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How to prevent your dog from humping!

You never need to feel embarrassed again with this simple trick. I hear you, this behaviour starts off funny in the house with a young puppy and only close family involved, but quickly turns into a behaviour that is: Really confusing: Does your dog love certain people more than others?? ! and ultimately downright embarrassing:… Continue reading How to prevent your dog from humping!


Freedom from Dog Training

Have you tried EVERYTHING? to train your dog, yet: still they don't recall consistently. they wake you up early.they stress every time you leave the room or maybe even if you move. they still pull on their lead or maybe it's improved with the halti but that doesn't quite sit right with you. You can… Continue reading Freedom from Dog Training

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How to help your dog to recall consistently

I am going to assume your dog knows how to recall, but will just choose not to in certain situations, am I right? if so read on it could save your dog's life. All dogs are Relaxed and Responsive by nature. By that I mean when they feel relaxed they will respond to you. Therefore… Continue reading How to help your dog to recall consistently